We Are Leaving Montville! Shipping Container Cargotecture Has Captured Our Hearts!

shipping container, cargotecture

We have been positively bursting to tell everyone and we FINALLY can! We will be leaving Montville this month for a fresh new start to 2015! Our move has been in the pipeline for a few months as we have been busy planning our change. Montville has been great to showcase our style to the wider audience and to be able to meet some beautiful supportive ladies in the process, and we are very thankful for that.

shipping container, cargotecture
Pic from Pinterest

Our new home will be a converted shipping container studio that we have been planning and will be open to our lovely loyal customers at set times very soon. We have been so enraptured by the ‘cargotecture’ trend that is gaining momentum ~ the ecological side of it completely fits our own ethos and aesthetically they can be completely incredible when done right! In order to have more time to pursue other projects that we have, we will be adjusting the opening times in our new studio but we are open 24/7 online.

shipping container, cargotecture
Pic from Pinterest

We will as always, have gorgeous fashion dropping online for purchase and our Facebook and Instagram pages will be where we announce this, but for those who love the exclusive boutique shopping experience, we know that you will love the new environment we are creating for you!

Keep in the loop of when our studio will open and our opening night by signing up to our newsletter – this way you will be the first to know!

For a little bit of what is inspiring us, checkout our Pinterest shipping container inspo page here <3

They say ‘a change is as good as a holiday’ so here we go!!! So excited for this next chapter!!

4 thoughts on “We Are Leaving Montville! Shipping Container Cargotecture Has Captured Our Hearts!

    • HOU-192 says:

      Thanks Anny! We miss your stroopwafels! But we do tell everyone about them and we will be back! We’ll let you know when opening night is on 🙂

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