The Luxury Streetwear Resurgence is Upping the Anti

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keely pants, august st, wide leg, streetwear
Keely Pants by August St
august st, bo vest, ivory, streetwear
Bo Vest by August St

Streetstyle – love it or hate it, it is making an impact on our very own wardrobes in a big way. The new streetstyle is a little more tailored, a little more layered & patterned and even, believe it or not, a little more feminine. Once the domain of only a select few societal groups and almost ‘underground’, it is now seen and celebrated everywhere including on the streets of Paris during the high-end fashion week, and the runways are touting it more than ever before. Some new Autumn arrivals from August Street have embraced the trend wholeheartedly in the form of streetwear inspired, sports luxe wide-leg pants and tailored vests ready for layering up.

In your own wardrobe you probably have an oversized sweater or a pair of white canvas sneakers or some drop crotch pants or ripped jeans. These are all elements that can come together with a bit of finesse, to create a look that pushes the boundary of casual into glamorous. With streetwear you have the opportunity to experiment with your own creativity to create a look that is completely original.

As we get busier in our lives, we are looking for a style that meshes formal glamour with comfort in our everyday wear so start experimenting ladies! This could be the start of something wonderful for you!

Get inspired by the gorgeous French blog Le 21eme for photos of how its done around Europe on the streets and at fashion weeks. This is a go-to blog for us always.


streetstyle, blogging
Photo by Le21eme

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