Our South American Awakening ~ Travelling for the Soul

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If you follow us on social media, you have probably seen a few of our images of our recent trip to South America. We don’t believe in drowning social media with imagery unless it is fantastic and quite frankly, we were having too much fun and moving so quickly that Instagram and Facebook couldn’t keep up with us anyway!

But all of that aside, our journey was so incredible and we have experienced so many stunning locations and architecture, and met so many talented and humble artists that we feel so grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity.argentina, brazil, waterfalls, travel, turban, headwrap

It has awakened in us a desire to explore places that we have never before considered and to continue to be appreciative for the beauty that we are privileged to experience in everyday life.

We went to two incredible wine regions of the world in Argentina and Chile and tasted hands-down the best wines we have had, explored the streets of the gorgeous Oceanside heritage listed hilly town of Valparaiso, immersed ourselves into the arts and street dancing tango culture of San Telmo in Buenos Aires, saw an incredible glacier that defies global warming while horse-riding through the rugged Andes mountains in below zero temperatures, met the most amazing animals and birds in Brazil and experienced the immense, jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring Iguazu waterfalls…amongst so many other things and places!

Ciao for now!

T & H xx

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